Landscape Edging: What Are Your Options?

If you want to keep your Howard County lawn, flowerbeds, and groundcover areas looking clean, attractive, and professional, landscape edging is vital. It can be as simple as a shallow trench (a “natural edge”) or as solid as a concrete barrier. But whichever landscape edging option you choose, it’s important to know the pros and…
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permit for a firepit in Howard County

Do I Need a Permit for a Firepit in Howard County, MD?

Will you need a permit for a firepit in Howard County? The short answer is “no.” But, hold on a second, hotshot - there’s more to it than just a simple answer ...
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mulched landscape bed

Proper Mulching to Keep Your Property Looking its Best

Mulching your trees, shrubs, and borders is one of the best things you can do to improve the appearance and the long-term health of your property. But used improperly, mulch will kill your plants.
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clogged stormwater drain after a rainstorm in Howard County, Maryland

Stormwater Management Facilities: Maintenance Issues & Repairs

Maintenance issues, repairs, and recommended areas to focus on for each type of stormwater management facility in Howard County, MD.
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a beautiful stormwater retention pond

Types of Stormwater Management Facilities, Howard County, MD

Take a look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of common aboveground and underground stormwater management facilities used in Howard County to help you choose the right type for your property.
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red bench flooded by stormwater

Stormwater Management in Howard County, MD

We answer some of the most common questions about stormwater, stormwater runoff, and stormwater management in Howard County, including your responsibilities as a property owner.
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A white-tailed deer in a suburban yard surrounded by plants as snow lightly falls

Deer Browsing Damage: Identification, Prevention & Treatment

Deer browsing in Maryland causes thousands of dollars of damage to residential and commercial landscapes. Learn how to identify deer browsing damage, prevent it from happening, and help plants that have been damaged by deer.
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Choosing the Right Commercial Landscape Lighting Options

To help you choose the right outdoor lighting options for your commercial property, this article describes the different types of lighting options, lighting design considerations, and the importance of getting light levels just right.
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well-maintained commercial property landscape

Vacant Commercial Property? How to Maintain (& Improve!) Curb Appeal

Vacant commercial properties are at increased risk of damage and theft, and often look unappealing to prospective buyers and tenants. We recommend some key landscape maintenance tasks and affordable enhancements to reduce risk and increase appeal.
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11 Signs That Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contractor Isn’t Getting the Job Done

Are you getting what you paid for? Unfortunately, many commercial property owners aren't getting their money's worth from their commercial property maintenance contractor. Check this list to see if your exterior grounds services are what they should be.
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commercial landscaping lighting along a walkway at night

5 Ways Commercial Landscape Lighting Can Benefit Your Business

Spotlight your business’ best attributes with professionally installed commercial landscape lighting. Here are just 5 ways that commercial landscape lighting can benefit your office building.
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signs of overwatering

Beware These 5 Signs of Overwatering

Signs of overwatering can include everything from fungal disease to symptoms normally associated with drought, such as wilting. Know what to look for and how to prevent overwatering problems.
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