Every year, severe storms damage, topple, and uproot trees of all sizes, resulting in more than $1 million in property damages throughout the United States.

Those who have endured such a scare understand the magnitude of this potentially devastating occurrence. Those who haven’t are often left wondering “Who pays for damages? And who pays for tree removal?”

No two insurance policies are alike, of course, and everyone should consult with their own provider regarding any doubts or uncertainties regarding coverage. That being said, there are some relatively common practices nationwide. In the event of a monster storm or a similar Act of God, in which a fallen tree damages your home or a neighbor’s property – one simple rule typically prevails. Regardless of whether your tree fell on a neighbor’s home or his tree fell on yours, the homeowner’s insurance belonging to the party who sustained damage almost always foots the bill. This can even be true in cases of rot and disease (unless you can prove that the other party neglected to properly maintain their trees.)

But who pays for removal?

Again, in most cases, if the fallen tree is blocking a driveway or public street, then the homeowner’s policy is typically expected to cover tree removal. Standard coverage is $500. Occasionally, municipalities themselves will pay to have the tree removed.

If the fallen tree lands on your property, however, and causes nothing more than aggravation – it’s solely up to you to get ‘er done, as there is no damage claim to file with the insurance company.

But here’s where things get sticky (stick-y?)

What if the tree has not fallen – but is leaning that way? In other words, what if the writing is on the wall, and you have a potentially hazardous accident just waiting to happen?

Most homeowner’s policies urge proper maintenance for your home and grounds, including the trees – which is to say, you are expected to take all necessary precautions to prevent any serious, unforeseen damage.  In fact, in the event that a tree does fall down and damages your home or another’s, insurance companies could very well link a lack of maintenance to the damage, and not shell out for related claims.

For this reason, it is critical that you seek out routine maintenance for the trees in your landscape, especially those that may be dead or dying.

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