Tree work that towers above the competition

Eos understands that every species of tree is unique, and that each individual tree grows, bends, breaks, and thrives differently.

Periodic pruning is of the utmost importance to ensure healthier commercial and residential landscapes. When performed improperly, however, it can weaken a tree structurally and result in lasting damage.

Likewise, tree removal involves much more than taking a few whacks with a hatchet or revving up a chainsaw and climbing a ladder. With dangers ranging from falling branches to thrown debris, it’s a task that should be left to professionals.

Luckily, Eos Outdoor Services has just the right team for the job.

Branching out

From preserving your trees’ health and beauty while simultaneously boosting your property value, to carefully removing obstructive or diseased branches and improving your view – Eos remains a cut above, in every respect.

Our extensive services encompass all areas of tree and shrub care:

Using small, strategic cuts, our Licensed Tree Experts can eliminate early defects, such as multiple trunks and leaders, and promote strong and stable trees like those seen in the forest.
Flexible steel cables and braces significantly reduce the risk of failure in weak limbs and branches when faced with severe storms, high winds, and heavy snows.
By removing the lowest branches of a tree, crown lifting services provide improved aesthetics; greater access for people and vehicles; and additional light penetration.
From taking a tree down to its stump to hauling away branches and debris, our tree removal services are efficient and fairy priced, and our team is fully licensed and insured.
Our state-of-the-art tools can turn an unsightly stump into mulch in a matter of minutes, with minimal disruption and the utmost professionalism.
Severe weather is unpredictable, and so is the damage often left in its wake. Our Licensed Tree Experts have seen it all, and can assist with any and all tree-related emergencies, from cleanup involving brush, limbs, branches, and assorted debris to excavating uprooted trees.
Our experts can conduct comprehensive risk assessments to pinpoint any potential tree-related threats to your home and landscape, and can help devise a plan to strengthen and fortify your property.
Cracked, splitting, diseased, and dying trees can pose an imminent threat to your home or property, as well as neighboring buildings. Our 24 hour emergency services can protect you from costly repairs and liability issues.
Looking to expand? Trust our Licensed Tree Experts to help you choose the perfect trees for your home’s unique environment. If the need to relocate should arise, our specialists will ensure a safe and successful move for your tree and your property.

Don’t get stumped

Eos Outdoor Services approaches each and every project with ample personnel and all equipment necessary for swift success, and we comply with all industry safety standards. We carry a Maryland Tree Expert License and complete insurance.

Most importantly, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service is committed to establishing a professional relationship that grows and prospers – just like your landscape. Contact us today to learn more.


All tree work is being completed by Eos Tree Services, LLC.

We look forward to working with you and making your ideas come true!