Specialized Estate Property Landscaping Services

From pruning your shrubs to pressure-washing your new patio, our team takes even the smallest details of your estate property landscaping into consideration as we work to keep it healthy, hearty, and beautiful throughout the year.

Comprehensive Care for Every Corner of Your Property

We eliminate invasive species that monopolize the sunlight, soil, and nutrients your plants need to thrive.

We remove dead or dying limbs during the winter and summer months to maintain the health and vitality of your grounds.

Our horticulturalists can identify and remove diseased plants, preventing the contamination of healthy growth.

Regularly replenished mulch offers a wealth of health benefits for your estate property landscaping, such as regulating soil temperature, warding off erosion, and retaining water.

Spring startup and winterization services ensure your automatic systems are consistently ready to keep your landscape lush and green.

Our certified masons can inspect, clean, and repair your hardscaping installations, including patios, pergolas, ornate waterfalls, and more.

Our estate property landscape management crews will clear debris, such as fallen leaves and limbs that litter your landscape and flower beds, throughout the summer and fall.

Aeration and overseeding services provide oxygenation, reduce compaction, and ward off lawn diseases while thickening your lawn with new grass growth.


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Eos Outdoor Services can assist your residential estate with any combination of these routine tasks.


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