Our Irrigation Services Cover a Lot of Ground

Making sure that your lawn remains vibrant throughout the spring and summer requires more than just of hauling out the garden hose for a quick spray down. Proper irrigation installation requires trenches, pipes, valves, wiring, and more, and should always be handled by reputable irrigation companies.

Eos tops the list. We guarantee our irrigation services, and our professional irrigation crews will go to great lengths to make certain that every inch of your residence or estate is properly hydrated.

Our comprehensive offerings include:

  • Routine inspections
  • Repairs/Replacements
  • Winterization
  • Spring startup


Water When Your Lawn Needs It

Efficient and environmentally-friendly, our automatic irrigation systems will deliver water to your lawn and gardens where and when it is needed, saving you time and money, and eliminating the risk of overwatering.
Other irrigation companies are all wet. Eos Outdoor Services will take care of your lawn and grounds, while you concentrate exclusively on enjoying your property. Call us today to find out how we can help your lawn.


More Services for Residences & Estates

We look forward to working with you and making your ideas come true!