what does tree removal include
July 21, 2017 No Comments

What Does Tree Removal Include?

So you have a dead or dying maple that needs to be excavated pronto. Or that oak is leaning a little too far into your neighbor’s personal bubble and you don’t want diplomatic relations to pop. Maybe that towering pine has gotten a bit too big for its britches (branches?), and you literally cannot see the forest for the tree.

You have the number for a recommended contractor at the ready, but money doesn’t grow on trees – otherwise this would be an entirely different story – and you want to know, “What does tree removal include?”

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Licensed Tree Expert
July 2, 2017 No Comments

Can My Landscape Contractor Remove Low Hanging Branches Without Being a Licensed Tree Expert?

So the lawn maintenance crew just finished tending to your turf for the day, and some of those low-hanging limbs on that big maple near the driveway are perched perilously close to the roof of your car. Should you enlist the pros to trim back these troubling branches while they’re already on-site?

It depends. Do you make it a habit of hiring hardened criminals?

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permit for a firepit in Howard County
June 25, 2017 No Comments

Do I Need a Permit for a Firepit in Howard County, MD?

Summer is here, and the desire to roast hot dogs and melt chocolate bars between graham crackers has never been stronger.

You may have even had your heart set on a hardscaped fire pit for your backyard, making your home the talk of the town.

You’ve been down the home improvement road before, however, and it begs the question: Will you need a permit for a firepit in Howard County?

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drought resistant plants
June 4, 2017 No Comments

4 Drought Resistant Plants to Withstand Maryland’s Scorch

When it comes to the weather, Maryland is not typically a place of happy mediums. Winters are often frigid and snow-covered, while the unrelenting summer swelter can make the slightest outdoor activity a chore.

For residential landscapes and gardens, these record-setting temps can spell certain doom for plant life, unless precautions are taken and specific watering schedules maintained.

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residential hardscapes
May 1, 2017 No Comments

Revitalize Your Lawn with These 4 Residential Hardscapes

A meticulously manicured lawn, perfectly coiffed trees and shrubs, and a breathtaking flower garden just bursting with color: it’s all for naught without a place to recline, relax, and take in the scenery.

More than anything, landscaping is about striking a balance between softscapes – the living, horticultural components of your lawn and garden – and residential hardscapes, which are those permanent structures that lend aesthetic support and direction.

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