21 Jul 2017
what does tree removal include

What Does Tree Removal Include?

So you have a dead or dying maple that needs to be excavated pronto. Or that oak is leaning a little too far into your neighbor’s personal bubble and you don’t want diplomatic relations to pop. Maybe that towering pine has gotten a bit too big for its britches (branches?), and you literally cannot see the forest for the tree.

You have the number for a recommended contractor at the ready, but money doesn’t grow on trees – otherwise this would be an entirely different story – and you want to know, “What does tree removal include?”

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11 Jul 2017
who pays for tree removal

Who Pays for Tree Removal?

Every year, severe storms damage, topple, and uproot trees of all sizes, resulting in more than $1 million in property damages throughout the United States.

Those who have endured such a scare understand the magnitude of this potentially devastating occurrence. Those who haven’t are often left wondering “Who pays for damages? And who pays for tree removal?”

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02 Jul 2017
Licensed Tree Expert

Can My Landscape Contractor Remove Low Hanging Branches Without Being a Licensed Tree Expert?

So the lawn maintenance crew just finished tending to your turf for the day, and some of those low-hanging limbs on that big maple near the driveway are perched perilously close to the roof of your car. Should you enlist the pros to trim back these troubling branches while they’re already on-site?

It depends. Do you make it a habit of hiring hardened criminals?

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