25 Jun 2017
permit for a firepit in Howard County

Do I Need a Permit for a Firepit in Howard County, MD?

Summer is here, and the desire to roast hot dogs and melt chocolate bars between graham crackers has never been stronger.

You may have even had your heart set on a hardscaped fire pit for your backyard, making your home the talk of the town.

You’ve been down the home improvement road before, however, and it begs the question: Will you need a permit for a firepit in Howard County?

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04 Jun 2017
drought resistant plants

4 Drought Resistant Plants to Withstand Maryland’s Scorch

When it comes to the weather, Maryland is not typically a place of happy mediums. Winters are often frigid and snow-covered, while the unrelenting summer swelter can make the slightest outdoor activity a chore.

For residential landscapes and gardens, these record-setting temps can spell certain doom for plant life, unless precautions are taken and specific watering schedules maintained.

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